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Past TGS Webinars

by Dr. Ed Preisler,   Director of Technology Development, RF & HPA

Followed by a joint presentation with SYNOPSYS on SiPho and SiGe Design Enablement Tools

November 9, 2020

As the optical transceiver market moves from 100GBs to 400GBs and looking forward to future nodes at 800GBs and beyond, many complex analog components are required to assemble energy-efficient and cost-effective optical modules. Tower Semiconductor technologies… Read More>>

by Dr. Assaf Lahav,   CIS Research & Development Expert and Fellow

宮永 績 (Isao Miyanaga)
第二デバイス開発部 部長 兼イメージセンサ技術総括参事 TPSCo

November 12, 2020

今日のイメージング市場における最も魅力的な開発の1つは、産業およびコンシューマー市場の両方のエンドアプリケーション向けに性能を高めたグローバルシャッタセンサ技術です。このような性能は、入射角にほとんど依存せず、高い量子効率で非常に高いシャッタ効率を可能にする、タワーの世界最先端の2.5umグローバルシャッタピクセル技術によって実現できます。Read More»

by Dr. Amos Fenigstein,  Senior Director of CIS Research & Development, Sensors Business Unit 

宮永 績 (Isao Miyanaga),  第二デバイス開発部 部長 兼 イメージセンサ技術総括参事 TPSCo

November 17, 2020

携帯電話の指紋認証は、今日の市場では、長い間標準となってきました。携帯電話スクリーンの下にセンサを搭載する要件は、他の利用可能な代替物(例えば、超音波センサ)と比較して、より高い性能およびコストメリット提供する光学的指紋センサの開発をもたらしました。指紋センサのサイズと制約により、0.18um CIS技術プラットフォームは理想的なソリューションを提供します。Read More»

by Dr. Paul Hurwitz,  Director of Device Technology, RF & HPA

November 18, 2020

This session will review current 5G market adoption update and the technology enhancements Tower has implemented on its RFSOI and SiGe platforms to further improve end-product designs performance and time to market. . In particular, the session will cover our latest 300mm RFSOI offering showcasing its highly improved LNA performance vs. previous generations. We will review our…  Read More>>

by Dr. David Howard,   Executive Director and Fellow

November 23, 2020

Tower Semiconductor has an Aerospace & Defense Business Unit that includes two prime missions: (1) to provide access to Tower’s worldwide technologies in USA and abroad, and (2) to engage government, security and defense on Tower’s technology roadmap and explore synergies to serve the government community.  In this talk, we will provide a brief overview on the Tower technology platform…  Read More>>

by Mr. Erez Sarig,   Director of Power Management Business Development & Marketing

武石 彰 (Akira Takeishi),
第一デバイス開発部 部長 兼パワーマネジメント・ミックスドシグナル技術総括参事、TPSCo


November 25, 2020

日々成長と進化を続けるコンピューティング、産業およびコンシューマ用の先端パワーIC市場に向けて、当社は業界をリードする低オン抵抗BCDを搭載した0.18um第6世代プラットフォームをリリースしました。大きな電圧ストレスが発生するスイッチング動作回路においてもより安定した大電流動作が可能になります。Read More »

Dr. Samir Chaudhry, Director of Design Enablement, Tower Semiconductor,
Mr. Yuval Shay, Group Director, Product Management in the Custom IC & PCB Group, Cadence 

December 1, 2020

RF and mmWave design success rely on tight and productive collaboration between foundry design enablement teams and EDA vendors. Tower Semiconductors has a long-term, on-going partnership with Cadence Design Systems. Based on expertise and vast market experience… Read More»

MEMS by Myriam BuchbinderSenior Director of Process Engineering Research & Development

NIST by Prof. Yakov Roizin,  Director of Emerging Technologies and Fellow

December 2, 2020

MEMS – This session will provide an overview of Tower’s MEMS technology and manufacturing experience at its global facilities, emphasizing strengths at each technology platform: integrated CMOS + MEMS; Bulk micromachining, membranes.

Non-Imaging Sensor Technology – Creating SoC edge node devices combining CMOS and sensors.  Miniaturized low-cost/low-power semiconductor sensors are critical in numerous emerging applications, in particular advanced smartphones, automotive electronics, edge IoT devices and medical systems. Tower Semiconductor offers production platforms that allow fabricating various non-imaging sensors without… Read More»

Dr. Samir Chaudhry, Director of Design Enablement, Tower Semiconductor,
Mr. Ofer Tamir, Managing Director, CAD and Design Support, Tower Semiconductor, 
Mr. John Stabenow, Director of Product Engineering, Mentor

December 3, 2020

The custom IC design tools from Mentor are ideally suited for analog IC design for BCD and RF applications and have enabled design teams to design from a single cockpit from schematic to tape-out. Tower has partnered with Mentor to provide… Read More»