GAIA Girls Love Science

As part of TowerJazz’s community outreach program in Israel, we donate funds to the Global Awareness Investigation and Action (GAIA) project. On December 11, female GAIA students traveled to Migdal Haemek to visit our facility. These students currently attend the American International School in Israel and come from the U.S., China, South Korea, India, Germany, Israel, and Nigeria.

Our Director of Process Engineers in FAB 1 (6” FAB), Lilach Zinger and other leading female scientists at TowerJazz met with the students to share their stories and passion for science. In Migdal Haemek, TowerJazz’s engineering staff is made up of ~35% women and this is not by accident.

As a leading global company, TowerJazz has a social agenda which strives to contribute to the community through a variety of activities while focusing on increasing diversity and gender equity throughout the company’s different sites.

By the end of the day, it became evident to the GAIA girls that this course was as much about fulfilling dreams as it was about science. According to GAIA, the girls walked away with an appreciation for science, being curious, learning every day, trying to become someone that will lead others, and recognizing that success is often the result of helping others succeed.

Many of the girls seemed interested in studying science in school and possibly pursuing it as a profession.