TowerJazz is committed to Good Deeds Day—2015

Good Deeds Day is an annual tradition to promote the spirit of volunteering and helping others around the world.

On Tuesday, March 24, 2015 Good Deeds Day was held in Israel, during which more than 800,000 people set out to do something good for the environment and society by choosing to participate in some of the nearly 10,000 different volunteering projects.

This year TowerJazz chose to join the Good Deeds Day. Approximately 60 volunteers from the company went out for three hours to places in the community in Migdal Haemek and Nazareth to take part in various volunteer projects.

The projects included:

  • Renovating the Youth Club in Migdal Haemek where TowerJazz employees are volunteering on a weekly basis.
  • Volunteering at a youth center in Timurim, Migdal Haemek. The center is for children and youth from the neighborhood. Their ages range from 7–18. The center engages in recreational sports, tutoring, and structured activities for boys and girls. Activities included renovation and painting of the center.
  • Volunteering at a Kindergarten in Migdal Haemek which includes children with special needs. The kindergarten has 25 students, ages 4–6. Activities included construction and renovation, painting and planting in the garden.
  • Opening a “Futures Youth Club” in Nazareth for at-risk youth, providing after school hours care. Activities included renovation and painting.

TowerJazz volunteers helping renovate and paint a youth center in Timurim, Migdal Haemek