TowerJazz’s advanced power management BCD platforms webinar

On July 15, 2015 we held a live Webinar on TowerJazz’s advanced power management BCD platforms leading to smaller form factors and cost-efficient solutions.

New features were described that enable integration of traditionally discrete board components into a single chip solution, and that also show how our scalable voltage concept, together with different process flavors and low Rdson transistors, enables higher performance at a smaller die size resulting in cost reduction.

TowerJazz’s leading Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) process is used in complex power management chips including driver ICs, battery and portable power management, power control for PCs, Class-D audio amplifiers, and other consumer, communications and computing applications.

If you missed it and want to hear it…. you can find a recorded session of this webinar on the TowerJazz website:

TowerJazz integrated-on-chip-power-solutions

We will be offering more webinars and tutorials on various topics. Upcoming webinars will be posted on the TowerJazz website,, so please stay tuned!