Dr. David Howard

Executive Director & Fellow

Dr. Howard was named TowerJazz Fellow in March 2013 due to his significant contributions to the Company. He was appointed Executive Director in 2004, serving both commercial and aerospace & defense business units. He is focused on enablement of new technologies, new business and partnership development, and the TowerJazz technical roadmap for an expanding worldwide manufacturing capability. He was a founding member of Jazz Semiconductor in 2002 and served in various roles in R&D and production, including Director of Process Engineering. Dr. Howard has been involved in ITRS and SEMI roadmaps, has served as a principal investigator on DARPA programs, and liaises with all TowerJazz manufacturing facilities. Prior to Jazz, Dr. Howard held several positions at Conexant Systems, Rockwell Semiconductor, and SEMATECH, helping to drive manufacturing technology in CMOS, SiGe BiCMOS, MEMS, and specialty semiconductor wafer processes. Prior to Rockwell, he worked at IMEC where he contributed to novel research for SiGe BiPolar and CMOS devices. Dr. Howard attended Brown University where he received his Sc.B. in Mechanical Engineering and his Sc.M. and Ph.D. in Materials Science with a focus on Si and SiGe electronic materials. He holds over 30 patents.