TowerJazz Supplier Day: Growing through Collaboration and Partnership

In November, we hosted TowerJazz Supplier Day to strengthen our collaboration with the people who drive our operations and delivery. The event was held on November 17, 2015 at the Radisson Hotel in Newport Beach, Calif. with about 200 guests from 135 different companies. It was important to meet with all of the companies in our ecosystem in order to better tap into the growing markets that we serve.

At the event, TowerJazz executives shared the company’s key drivers for continuous growth and our focus on shared business objectives to maximize mutual performance and results.

We are continuously growing our market share, while expanding our manufacturing capabilities, our global footprint and our advanced technology offerings. We believe that this growth is only possible through strong partnerships with our suppliers and customers.

TowerJazz continues to encourage our suppliers to come up with innovative, feasible and cost effective solutions as we partner and jointly develop new products to maximize partnership value. As such, at Supplier Day, a special supplier award ceremony was held to recognize our finest partners of this past year, those who have created extraordinary value for TowerJazz and our customers.

We want to thank all our suppliers and customers as we wish everyone much success and prosperity in 2016 and beyond!