CIS  Technical Seminar |

October 10th, 2018, San Francisco, USA

November 5th, 2018, Stuttgart, Germany

CMOS Image Sensor Technical Seminars (USA and Europe)

TowerJazz will hold unique CIS technical seminars showcasing its advanced platform and cutting edge technological solutions and advanced manufacturing capabilities for a wide range of imaging rising markets.

During these events, TowerJazz CIS business unit experts will provide detailed technical reviews on its high-end CIS dedicated technical solutions such as: Global Shutters, NIR enhanced pixels, BSI and stacked wafer, 3D sensing & Lidar and optical simulations among others.

Events will take place at:

October 10th

at the Hyatt Centric Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco

November 5th

at Park hotel Mess Stuttgart, Germany






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 Introduction: TowerJazz CMOS Image Sensor Technologies

Dr. Avi Strum


 Advanced Global Shutter platforms:


 180nm (5T and Voltage Domain)

Dr. Amos Fenigstein

 110nm (N-type and P-type)

Dr. Amos Fenigstein

 65nm (N-type and P-type)

Dr. Assaf Lahav


 Coffee Break



 NIR enhanced pixels:


 Deep Epi Hi-Res and back bias solutions

Dr. Amos Fenigstein

 Advanced optical structures

Dr. Assaf Lahav


 BSI and stacked wafers technology and logistical solutions (300mm & 200mm)

Dr. Assaf Lahav





 3D sensing and LiDAR solutions: GS gated  pixels, CCD in pixel and SPAD (SiPM)

Dr. Amos Fenigstein


 Unique add-on technologies: High K MiM, Polarizers, Light shielding

Dr. Amos Fenigstein


 High-level considerations:


 Optical simulations

Ms. Shirly Regev

 Technology platform selection

Dr. Assaf Lahav

Dr. Avi S TowerJazz SVP & GM CMOS Image Sensor

Dr. Avi strum

Senior Vice President &
General Manager, CIS Business Unit

Dr. Assaf Lahav TowerJazz Fellow

Dr. Assaf Lahav

CIS R&D Expert & Fellow

Dr. Amos Fenigstein

Senior Director of CIS R&D

Shirly Regev

Shirly Regev

Etesian Semiconductor
Simulation Expert

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