TowerJazz makes IR sensor for Intel RealSense

TowerJazz has begun mass production of a near infrared light sensor used for depth sensing by Intel within its RealSense 3D camera. The sensor has a 3.5-micron pixel size and a global shutter and is described as a “very fast pixel that allows high quantum efficiency at near infrared light.” It is a complementary component to the scanning micromirror announced by STMicroelectronics.

“This collaboration between Intel and TowerJazz was a natural fit. Intel’s leadership in this market, combined with our leading technology that provides outstanding pixel performance for near IR 3D imaging, along with the proximity of our Israel fab with Intel Israel, the group developing this technology, was an ideal alignment,” said Russell Ellwanger, CEO of Tower, in a statement

TowerJazz and FLIR Systems Partner to Deliver Next Generation Commercial Infrared Technology

TowerJazz and FLIR Systems announced today their partnership to deliver next generation infrared (IR) technology to smartphone, security, industrial and other markets. TowerJazz has developed an industry leading capability for advanced micro thermal pixel array production.

These micro thermal pixel arrays include novel, high density pixels that enable FLIR to offer more powerful sensors with higher resolution in compact form factors. “When we combine the micro thermal arrays with integrated FLIR wafer level optics, software and MSX technology with TowerJazz process and manufacturing capability, we are able to deliver breakthrough product performance and value,” said Tom Surran, Chief Operations Officer – FLIR Systems.

TowerJazz Successfully Transfer Fairchild Discrete Devices to Japanese Fab

TowerJazz has announced that Fairchild Semiconductor has started mass production at TowerJazz Panasonic Semiconductor Co.’s (TPSCo’s) fabrication facility in Tonami, Japan. This is a process transfer from Fairchild of their state of the art discrete devices for the industrial and consumer markets.

“We chose TowerJazz as they are a market leader in process transfer capabilities and are known for the quality of their technical teams and transfer methodologies. There is excellent collaboration between our two companies and we are experiencing very fast project execution and ramp-up of production of our discrete devices,” said Dr. Wei-Chung Wang, SVP Operations, Fairchild Semiconductor.

TowerJazz and Physical Logic Announce Volume Production of High Performance MEMS-based Accelerometer for Inertial Navigation Applications

Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) market is expected to reach $2.6B in 2015

TowerJazz and Physical Logic announced mass production of its MEMS accelerators, sensors which can be used in inertial navigation applications to calculate the direction and speed of moving objects such as ships, aircraft, submarines, guided missiles and spacecraft. They are also used for measurement activities including monitoring cardiac patients to translate signals from the heart to the pacemaker, seismic sensing, tilt sensing, etc.

“TowerJazz meets our very high requirements for performance, on-time delivery, quality and technical support demanded by our customers,” said Katja Beyer CEO and General Manager of Physical Logic Ltd. “TowerJazz’s MEMS offering, combined with its advanced power management platform and superior engineering capabilities, enhances our success in penetrating markets requiring MEMS-based accelerometer applications.”