ICCAD Conference

December 11-12, 2014 | Hong Kong

IC CAD 2014, one of the most important events in the semiconductor industry, was held in Hong Kong Science Parks on December 11–12, 2014. TowerJazz exhibited to showcase our foundry technologies and global footprint while demonstrating our continued dedication to meeting the needs of Mainland China and Hong Kong customers.

We exchanged several beneficial communications at the booth and we look forward to exploring many new business opportunities in the future.

Approximately 1400 people in total attended the event. Mr. Lei Qin, China Country Manager, presented TowerJazz’s rapid growth as an analog foundry in the APAC region. Of the nearly 100 people who attended his presentation, many were pleased to learn about our recent growth in APAC and our partnership with Panasonic to form TPSCo. This enterprise enables TowerJazz access to three fabs in Japan which expands technology offerings and manufacturing capabilities for TowerJazz customers in Asia.