M2V—Mountain-to-Valley Relay Race

This is the second year TowerJazz employees in Migdal Ha’emek (Israel) have joined the “Mountain to Valley Relay” race from the upper Galilee Mountains to the Yzra’el Valley, where the TowerJazz facility is located.

The race combines personal athletic experience and group collaboration with teams running in open spaces along 215 Kilometers (in about 24 hours).

The Mountain-to-Valley Relay race is one of the most popular sports events in Israel, with a rising number of participants each year. Between 7,000 and 8,000 runners in 950 different teams run day and night in various field conditions.

The race is divided into 24 sections of approximately 5-14km each, and participating are groups of four, six or eight runners. Every participant in turn runs a section. The race starts at Tel Hai in the upper Galilee through spectacular landscapes, including the Ahula Valley, the Sea of Galilee, Beit Netofa, the Menashe forest and ends at Yzra’el Valley.

Two teams represented TowerJazz and included both men and women from different levels in the company. Two groups of eight people each started the race together at 8:00am and finished the race together the next morning at 9:00am. It was a great experience for the teams despite some injuries and tiredness.

Overall, the event brought a lot of joy and happiness to the TowerJazz teams, demonstrating our employees’ ambition and high motivation