TowerJazz Ramps Mass Production of Touch Screen Controller Developed by N-trig for Digital Pen

TowerJazz is ramping high volume production of a touch screen controller developed by N-trig, an Israeli company. Recently, this advanced digital pen technology was acquired by Microsoft for use with its Surface products. The touch screen controller, which enables special capabilities of sensing multi-fingers touch and a digital pen (stylus), will be produced using TowerJazz’s advanced 0.18-micron power management process (TS18PM).

“Mass producing N-trig technology for an industry giant further enhances our position as a leading power management IC manufacturer. N-trig chose to work with TowerJazz due to our excellent design and engineering support as well as our platform capability. We look forward to supporting further innovation for these products and providing volume production as the tablet market continues to grow,” said Russell Ellwanger, TowerJazz Chief Executive Officer.

BrightWay Vision Chooses TowerJazz for the production of its Gated Sensor

BrightWay Vision has chosen TowerJazz’s TS18IS CMOS image sensor (CIS) technology to manufacture image sensors for its patented automotive cameras, specifically forward looking cameras in vehicles, to allow visibility in all weather conditions. BrightWay Vision has developed BrightEye™, an Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) camera for day and night-time forward facing driver assistance functions based on patented gated imaging technology.

”We are absolutely thrilled with the performance of our sensor using TowerJazz’s leading edge CIS technology,” said Dr. Ofer David, CEO of BrightWay Vision. “The tight cooperation on the development between our R&D team and the excellent pixel development team of TowerJazz, allowed us to produce a very high performing sensor that is now being evaluated by leading car manufacturers.”

Inside The 5G Smartphone

Video and overall demand for higher bandwidth and throughput are creating new opportunities in the smartphone market, sparking new technologies, approaches and materials.

Amid a slowdown in the cell phone business, the market is heating up for perhaps the next big thing in wireless—5th generation mobile networks or 5G. In fact, major carriers, chipmakers and telecom equipment vendors are all rushing to get a piece of the action in 5G, which is the follow-on to the current wireless standard known as 4G or long-term evolution (LTE). Intel, Samsung and Qualcomm are among the players in the 5G sweepstakes.

“5G will likely shift the industry towards higher frequencies. That, in turn, will push all of the figures of merit (FoM) higher and to the right. This march towards improved FoMs will not only require continuous innovation within the SOI technology, but also the invention of disruptive switch technologies,” said Marco Racanelli, Sr. VP & GM of the RF/HPA and Power Business Groups at TowerJazz. “MEMS technology has been shown to provide the lowest insertion loss and highest linearity among various semiconductor technologies available to us today.”

TowerJazz and Anatrix Develop RadHard RF ASIC; Reaches Flight Qualification

Anatrix utilized TowerJazz’s advanced 0.18-micron SiGe BiCMOS process at its US fab

TowerJazz and Anatrix developed a RadHard by Design RF front end ASIC utilizing TowerJazz’s 0.18-micron SiGe BiCMOS (SBC18HA) process through its U.S. Aerospace & Defense business unit. The new ASIC has produced leading edge RF phase detection with integrated controller functions which has successfully entered flight qualification status. Anatrix’s proprietary RadHard by Design methodology allows its customers to achieve program radiation tolerance specifications without expensive and time consuming over design. The Anatrix methodology creates the optimum trade for customers between total ionizing dose, single event effects tolerance and cost.

“TowerJazz technology was critical to the success of this program; its SiGe BiCMOS process allowed Anatrix to achieve outstanding RF performance utilizing SiGe HBT devices while creating a cost effective solution for our space customer by incorporating CMOS based analog and digital control circuitry,” said Greg Pauls Ph.D, President of Anatrix.