IMS 2015 (International Microwave Symposium)

In late May, TowerJazz attended the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) in Phoenix, AZ. IMS is the industry’s leading conference with thousands of participants from academia and the semiconductor industry with an Exhibitor’s Hall housing more than 600 companies.

The conference affords us an excellent opportunity to network with current and potential customers and suppliers, benchmark against competitors, and keep up with industry trends. Several papers featured demonstrations of the TowerJazz SBC18H3 technology including:

  • BAE’s demonstration of an RF-FPGA system that leverages our SBC18H3B technology on SOI. The process allows assembly of high performance RF blocks with excellent isolation for flexible system prototyping and reconfiguration.
  • UCSD’s announcement of the world’s largest phased array using our SBC18H3 process and reticle stitching. Such phased arrays may provide the backbone for very high frequency (60GHz) directional transmission in next-generation cellular networks.
  • Demonstration of a wireless transceiver chip set capable of 4.8 Gbps transmission over 20 meters.

In addition, there were sessions featuring RF-SOI and SiGe BiCMOS in front-end module (FEM) applications, and an interesting panel discussion on 5G cellular networks where industry experts shared their views on the challenges associated with defining standards, component testing and network latency.