Compound Semiconductor

TowerJazz Goes Green
TowerJazz has announced a series of initiatives to increase its use of renewable energy and improve its water and electricity usage. TowerJazz has finalized an agreement to install solar panels in areas comprising nearly 100,000 square feet at its company headquarters in Israel with 80 percent on the roof, and the remaining panels in the parking lot. The company already recycles 60 percent of the water used at this site. Read More

TowerJazz Lends Helping Hand to Automotive Chip Makers

TowerJazz announced new options for manufacturing SiGe, RF CMOS, and RF SOI chips for cars, which have strict reliability and quality needs. The specialty purveyor is aiming to tap into the growing market for radar sensors that cover blind spots and wireless chips that chat with nearby cars about their location. Read More

DENSO Develops 24 GHz Automotive Radar Sensor Using TowerJazz’s SiGe Technology
TowerJazz has announced that DENSO Corporation has used its 0.18 um advanced SiGe technology to develop a 24-GHz rear and side radar sensor. This sensor, developed using TowerJazz’s submillimeter-wave technology, is used in the Toyota Camry that was released in North America in July 2017 and will help enhance the vehicle’s safety system. Read More


TowerJazz and Tacoma announce partnership for 8-inch fab in China
Tower has received a first payment of $18M, rendering phase one of the framework agreement with Tacoma binding. TowerJazz will provide technological expertise together with operational and integration consultation, and Tacoma will be responsible for sourcing funds for all activities, milestones and deliverables of the entire project, including the construction, commissioning and ramp of this facility. Read More


TowerJazz and Yuanchen Microelectronics Announce Partnership for Backside Illumination (BSI) Manufacturing in Changchun, China
Partnership enables TowerJazz to offer state of the art BSI flow in mass production for CMOS image sensor high-end markets

The new BSI technology will be utilized for high-end photography, automotive, and AR/VR, among other growing CIS markets. This is the first time BSI will be offered by a foundry to the high-end photography market, including large formats requiring stitching. Read More


TowerJazz and Crocus Expand Presence in Magnetic Sensors Market through Successful Licensing of Crocus’ IP and Volume Manufacturing by TowerJazz
TowerJazz and Crocus announced volume manufacturing of Crocus TMR (Tunnel MagnetoResistance) sensors, using TowerJazz’s 0.13um CMOS process with a dedicated magnetic module in the Cu BEOL. With Crocus’ magnetic process, know-how and IP, and TowerJazz’s process technology and integration expertise, Crocus has successfully licensed the TMR technology to an automotive Tier 1 customer, bringing increased business to both companies. Read More

TowerJazz releases its advanced 5V 65nm CMOS process
Addressing LED lighting, analog switch, DC/DC converter and load switch applications, TowerJazz has released an advanced 5V 65nm power process, with enhanced Rdson efficiency and an attractive die cost advantage over 0.18um 5V processes. The technology offers an average of 30% area reduction for a given 5V power transistor and typically a 35% die size reduction for a mixed-signal chip. Read More