Power Management Business Unit’s focus, offering and achievements

In this issue, we feature a message from Shimon Greenberg, Vice President and General Manager, Mixed Signal and Power Management Business Unit (BU). He has served as the head of the Power BU since April 2016 and head of the Mixed-Signal/CMOS BU since October 2015. Mr. Greenberg first joined Tower Semiconductor in 1998 and served with the company for six years in various positions until re-joining the company more than a year ago.

Mr. Greenberg has extensive background in the semiconductor industry, serving in management positions with Crystal-Video, DS2 International, Amimon, Ltd., and O.D.F. Optronics, Ltd.

TowerJazz is a worldwide well-known manufacturer of state of the art power management products, offering a leading edge 0.18um Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) process through strong R&D investment and close collaboration with our customers who are leaders in their respective markets. Our technology roadmap is geared to best match our customers’ future technological needs, allowing them the specific competitive advantages they need to best address and win their growing markets.

Power management integrated circuits (PMICs) exist in every electronic system; in most cases there are multiple PMICs in each system efficiently delivering the required voltages and currents while reducing the drain on the power grid and maximizing battery life. As PMICs appear in all market segments, through the years we developed a very wide offering of power management solutions for each market segment, whether it is for low voltage 1.8V applications or all the way to 700V power applications. Our fast release rate of new technologies not only allows our customers to be at the forefront, but also enables us to quickly obtain important feedback from the various markets to further optimize our technological offerings.

PMICs are becoming extremely suitable and are fit for growth through reduction in size and cost. The TowerJazz advanced power platform serves many of the major market segments including: consumer, industrial, computers, servers and automotive. We achieve this capability to address all these markets using our smart and flexible power platform solution. The increasing need for switched regulators, motor drivers, load switches and battery management is addressed by our wide voltage spectrum of solutions and the different current isolations we offer. For the wireless charger market, we add our mid-density memories solutions which we continue to develop to support smart power needs. For the automotive customers, we offer our dual source production with high temperature models and our long legacy of automotive manufacturing in Japan.

TowerJazz power platforms are built on 0.18um technology which is highly modular with a capability to switch between different isolation options easily while maintaining the same designs (IP re-use) and techniques for various power applications.

Our power management advanced platform offers the following:

  • Capability to support power design which can drive from ultra-low power to tens of Amperes with a small silicon footprint and high power efficiency all done using our best in class low resistance power transistors (LDMOS) with an aggressive development roadmap
  • Capability to support a design which goes up to 100V with enhancement to 200V using our Power SOI fully isolated platform
  • Support fast time to market using our modular process allowing designers to reuse all the analog blocks for different isolations and voltages
  • Support first time success using our hands-on engineering support together with our advanced automatic verification tools available for designers
  • One stop shop from spec to silicon using our design center.                                  The power management platforms are manufactured on three continents—the United States, Israel and Japan through TowerJazz Panasonic Semiconductor Co. TPSCo, enabling dual sourcing which is critical to some of our leading customers.

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