TowerJazz & TPSCo’s Participation in 2H 2016 Global Semiconductor Events

Showcasing our advanced technology offerings, world class design enablement services and multi-sourcing manufacturing capabilities

VISION | Stuttgart, Germany

TowerJazz & TPSCo exhibited for the third time at the world’s leading trade fair for the machine vision industry which hosted 441 exhibitors and almost 10,000 visitors from 58 countries. The main exhibitor crowd consisted of machine vision systems and applications for various industries such as mechanical engineering, automotive, and medical technology, among others. Participating at VISION gives TowerJazz and TPSCo the opportunity to showcase our leading CIS technology, meet with our customers, see their products and share in the pride of what we are producing with them.

ICCAD | Changsha, Hunan Province, China

TowerJazz exhibited at ICCAD, the biggest annual forum for fabless companies in China, to showcase our foundry technologies and demonstrate our continued dedication to our China customers. Over the past two years, TowerJazz has more than doubled our revenue in China with over 40 active customers. This year, ICCAD was held in Changsha, Hunan Province which enabled us to explore new business opportunities on top of our existing and growing business in China. In addition, Mr. Lei Qin, TowerJazz China Country Manager presented, “The Explosive Growth of RF ICs and related Product/Technology Trends,” including a discussion on new circuit development, application directions, and the market landscape in 5G and the IoT.

Mentor Tech Forum | Korea, Taiwan, China | Far East

TowerJazz presented Optimizing RF SOI Switch Performance: A Novel Application for Calibre Parasitic Extraction at several Mentor Tech Forums in the Far East including Taiwan, Korea and China (Shanghai and Beijing) as part of the long cooperation between our two companies. The presentation was geared to the design community and showcased our advanced technology along with Mentor’s special extraction to accommodate substrate parasitic for better simulation – closer to real silicon. The development was conducted by the design enablement team in Newport Beach, CA and was presented by Ofer Tamir, Director CAD and Design Support at TowerJazz Design Center in Natanya Israel.

EOS/ESD Symposium | Anaheim, CA | USA

TowerJazz demonstrated our novel empirical simulation flow of ESD protection circuits which supports our customers with an optimized solution for reliable chip design, enabling first time success and reduction in cost. This new simulation concept is designed to protect electronic devices in the case of an ESD event (the sudden flow of electricity between two electronically charged objects). Dr. Efraim Aharoni, TowerJazz Leader of ESD Development and Customer Support, presented, “Empirical ESD Simulation Flow for ESD Protection Circuits Based on Snapback Devices” and a 10-page paper was published in the conference proceedings.

A-SSCC 2016 | Toyama, Japan

TPSCo sponsored and exhibited TPSCo/TowerJazz technology at IEEE A-SSCC (Asian Solid-State Circuits Conference), one of the biggest international forums for presenting the most updated and advanced chips and circuit designs in solid-state and semiconductor fields. This year, A-SSCC 2016 was held in Toyama, Japan where TPSCo’s headquarters is located. Nearly 400 people came to this conference from around the world and it was a good opportunity to showcase our advanced technology to the industry experts, researchers, engineers and students.